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Redneck Rabbits Rabbitry

~Current Breedings~

This is where you will find our expected Lionhead litters listed:

* Once we get pics of the litter for our Nursery pages the listing will be removed from this page. Please watch the Nursery Page for the pics of these babies to be posted.*

Bastet's Dayton X GCRs Willow
Date Due: 3/6/10
Expected: Pointed White, REW, Black

3Rs Shady's Legacy X Critter Havens Truffles
Date Due: 2/17/10
Expected: Tort Black, Sable Point, Rew

3Rs Wyatt Earp X 3Rs Winnie
Kindled: 2/11/10
4 DM Kits: 1 Tort Chocolate, 1 Chocolate,
2 Unknown ?

GCR's Lord Beezley (Mr.B) X 3Rs Fire-N-Ice
Kindled: 2/11/10
3 DM Blue-Eyed White

GCR's Lord Beezley (Mr.B) X 3Rs Sea Breeze
Kindled: 2/6/10
4 DM Blue-Eyed Whites