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Redneck Rabbits Rabbitry

Sales Policy

It has been brought to our attention we should have some Policies in Place:

1) We reserve the right to refuse Our bunnies to anyone.
2) We require a 50% deposit, or payment in full to reserve a bunny. Also, bunnies are available on a first come first serve basis (this means that the first person with deposit or payment in full gets to purchase the bunny). Some times more then one person is interested in the same bunny. The only way you receive your deposit back is if we cancel the sale for some reason. Then you will receive your deposit back.
3) Once payment or deposit is received, we will hold your bunny for two weeks, or until bunny is weaned which is at least 7-8 weeks depending on the bunny. Unless other arrangements are made by us for you. We just don't have the space to hold a bunny for longer periods of time.
4) All our bunnies are raised in a loving and caring environment, and are in good health when leaving our homes.
5) In the event that a bunny should die within 7 days of leaving our home a replacement bunny will be given with written proof from a vet of a pre-existing condition.
6) Please notify us if you ever think you have a bunny that may have a genetic disorder, as soon as you discover it. That way we know that maybe a certain pairing or a certain line needs to be avoided or culled out right away. At the very least we can red flag the line and watch for future issues.
7) We are only human and we try to sex our babies accurately, however on occasion we may be wrong. If we missex a kit we have sold you, we will do everything in our power to make the mistake right.
8) We have the right to adjust prices depending upon development of our babies. Some babies may wind up more others may be less. However, once a deposit is received, the price is frozen.
Some of the terms used in our pages:
Pending-Someone has expressed an interest in thebunny and has 7 days to send the non-refundable deposit. If interested in a Pending bunny please notify us so we can contact you if deposit is not recieved.
Hold-Someone has sent the non-refundable deposit and has 2 weeks to pick up the bunny or make other arrangements with us.
Sold-Someone has paid for bunny in full or bunny has gone to live in his or her new home.

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