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Redneck Rabbits Rabbitry

Birth Announcements

This is where you will find our current breedings and the results of the breedings:

Lionhead Births

Harlequin Hills Nemo X 3R's Butterfly
Kindled: March 29, 2009
1 DM Chestnut, 1 DM ?
3R's Shady's Legacy X Beary Sweet Holly
Kindled: March 29, 2009
1 DM Broken Tort Black, 1 DM Tort Black
RRH's Maverick X Pajarito's Titania
Kindled: March 29, 2009
1 DM Blue, 1 DM Black, 1 DM Tort Blue, 1 DM Tort Black
RRH's Maverick X Hearts of Dixie Zena
Kindled: April 8, 2009
4 Healthy DM Kits
RRH's Maverick X 3R's Swiss Miss
Kindled: April 9, 2009
6 Healthy DM Kits

Jersey Wooly Births

Sequira's Mudpie X Kasey's Trouble
Kindled: March 30, 2009
2 Broken Chocolate, 2 Chocolate
Energizer's Iggy X Somebunny's Tuala
Kindled: April 8, 2009
3 Healthy Kits

Holland Lop Births

DTL's BB King X 3R's Kaboom
Kindled: March 11, 2009
1 Black Buck, 1 Black Doe
SH's Cole X 3R's Skittles
Kindled: March 11, 2009
2 Broken Tort Otter Does, 1 Broken Black Otter Doe
GCR's Lord Beezsley X Mossy Possum Sugar Plum
Kindled: March 24, 2009
3 Broken ? VC, 1 Chinchilla VM, 1 Orange VM
(F1 hybrid litter for BEW)
D&A's Arion X 3R's Shortcake
Kindled: March 30, 2009
1 Silver Marten-Black, 2 Broken Silver Marten-Black/Otter
DTL's BB King X Orange Blossom's Princess Leaha
Kindled: April 6, 2009
3 Healthy Kits

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