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Redneck Rabbits Rabbitry

BEW Lionheads

This is where you will find all the information on our BEW Lionheads and our Vienna Carrier Lionheads:


GCR's Lord Beezsley (Mr. B)
DM~Blue Eyed White Buck
DOB: April 25, 2008
Sire: GCR's Lord Crittington
Dam: Buffalo Creek Brianna
Gen.: PB
Wt.:       Ear Lgth:


3R's Sea Breeze
DM~Blue Eyed White Doe
DOB: June 6, 2008
Sire: GCR's Jack Frost
Dam: 3R's Naomi
Gen.: F3
Wt.: 3.01  Ear Lgth: 3 1/4"
Note: Currently with Litter of 5


3R's Sassafras
DM~Blue Silver Marten VC
DOB: November 9, 2008
Sire: GCR's Lord Beezsley
Dam: 3R's Naomi
Gen.: F3
Wt.: Junior   Ear Lgth:


Hearts of Dixie Zena
DM~Tort Black VM
DOB: March 26, 2007
Sire: Clover Blossoms Pookie
Dam: Wizzards Lorna
Gen.: PB
Wt.: 3.05     Ear Lgth: 2 3/4"
Note:Currently with litter of 4


3R's Fire-N-Ice
DM~Tort Black VM
DOB: October 17, 2008
Sire: Bayou Prides Drakkar
Dam: 3R's Pudge
Gen.: F3
Wt.: Junior  Ear Lgth:

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