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Redneck Rabbits Rabbitry

Lionheads For Sale

This is where you will find pics of our Lionheads we have For Sale:
For more pics, pedigree info or pricing please feel free to contact us.


3R's Dinozzo
SM~Blue Point Buck
DOB: August 16, 08
Sire: GCR's Giovanni
Dam: Catwalk's Shandally
Gen.: PB
Wt. Junior (carries Choco)


3R's Asia
DM~Tort Black Doe
DOB: June 6, 08
Sire: Mossy Possum Goran
Dam: Lapinere's Parvadi
Wt.: Junior   Ear Lgth:
Gen.: PB


3R's Eli
DM~Tort Black Buck
DOB: June 16, 08
Sire: 3R's Shady's Legacy
Dam: 3R's Razzle Dazzle
Gen.: PB
Wt.: Junior
Hold-Tammy S.