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Redneck Rabbits Rabbitry

Lionhead Sr. Does

This is where you will find pictures and information of all our Senior Lionhead Does (Except for our Blue Eyed White line):

Some of the Pics below need to be updated, I will work on that this week after I get everything where I want it on this site.


3R's Butterfly
DM Broken Chestnut
DOB: February 5, 2007
Sire: R2B's Count Chocula
Dam: Buffalo Creek Trixie
Gen.: F3
Wt.: 3.03   Ear Lgth: 3 1/4"
Note: Chocolate Carrier


Pajarito Anastasia (Nutmeg)
DM Chestnut Agouti
DOB: June 18, 2007
Sire: Pridelands Tyson
Dam: Prideland's Lyric
Gen.: PB
Wt.:        Ear Lgth:
This doe is on loan to us by
Kate Kramer going home 5/09


3R's Elise
DM Tort Black Doe
DOB: March 19, 2008
Sire: Katie's Lil' Elvis
Dam: 3R's Marmalade
Gen.: PB
Wt.:        Ear Lgth:


3R's Swiss Miss
DM Chocolate
DOB: April 19, 2008
Sire: 3R's Lil' Spook
Dam:3R's Fudge
Gen.: F2
Wt.:        Ear Lgth:


3R's Asia
DM Tort Black
DOB: June 6, 2008
Sire: Mossy Possum Goran
Dam: Lapinere's Parvadi
Gen.: PB
Wt.        Ear Lgth:


Harlequin Hill's Mileigh
DM Black
DOB: July 18, 2008
Sire: Harlequin Hills Future
Dam: Mane Frames Jody
Gen.: PB
Wt.:        Ear Lgth:


Pajarito's Calypso
DM Black
DOB: February 15, 2007
Sire: Lyon's FL1
Dam: Hip Hop's Holy Terror
Gen.: PB
Wt.: 3.15    Ear Lgth: 3"


Beary Sweet Holly
DM Broken Tort Black
DOB: July 27, 2007
Sire: Bastet's Sante
Dam: HatTrick's Snow Day
Gen.: PB
Wt.:        Ear Lgth:


Mane Frame's Lacy
DM Lilac Tort Otter??
DOB: April 19, 2008
Sire: BB's Oscar
Dam: Ray's Geddy
Gen,: F3
Wt.:        Ear Lgth:


3R's Leta
DM Black
DOB: June 5, 2008
Sire: 3R's Deyvi
Dam: DJ's Selena
Gen.: F3
Wt.:        Ear Lgth.:
Note: Carries Choco/Dilute


3R's Cherry Jubilee
DM Chocolate Sable
DOB: June 15, 2008
Sire: Beary Sweet Jack Daniels
Dam: Hearts of Dixie Zena
Gen.: PB
Wt.:      Ear Lgth:


GCR's Lady Truffles
DM Chestnut Agouti
DOB: July 13, 2008
Sire: GCR's Lord Talledegah
Dam: Buffalo Creek Lady Calista
Gen.: PB
Wt.:        Ear Lgth:
Note: Carries Choco/Dilute

All Pictures and Content Property of Redneck Rabbits Rabbitry.